“Leo Messi is a better player than Pele” -Messi fans lament as he breaks Pele’s record.

The argument of the greatest of all time player can be undoubtedly said to be one of the longest debates in football history.

The game which has seen many players write their names in gold has caused division between fans. I seldom ask myself why can’t we simply accept the fact that Lionel Messi and Ronaldo are the two best players for the past two decades.

Well, when you’re a fan of Ronaldo, you’re not of Messi.

Midnight today, the world witnessed a not-so-classy match between two great teams with class, Argentina vs. Uruguay.

The match which starred players like Leo Messi, Luis Suarez, Federico Valverde, Lautaro Martinez, and many others, witnessed one team hammer down its opponents by three goals.

Lionel Messi, who opened the scoreline for his national team Argentina helped the team win but also broke a record with that goal as well.

With only a goal behind Pele who had 80 goals in his Brazil shirt, Messi finally hit his 80th goal yesterday and joined the legend as players with the most goals international goals from South America.

This stance from Messi has made his fans finally accepted the fact that not only is he a better player than Ronaldo, but also plays better than Pele, and is the greatest of all time.

ALEWA!Biibi ba oo

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